IT Operations Management


Enable IT teams to be more proactive and agile with vRealize Operation

vRealize is a self-driving IT Operations Management platform for private, hybrid and multi-cloud environments that incorporates AI and predictive analytics.

With full-stack visibility from physical, virtual and cloud infrastructure—including Virtual Machines (VMs) and containers—to the applications they support, vRealize Operations provides continuous performance optimisation, app-aware intelligent remediation, and integrated compliance. It is available on premises and as-a-service.

How can vRealize benefit your business?

Automate and simplify Operation Management

Proven Solution from the Market Leader

Flexible Consumption Options

Extensibility & Visibility

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are VMware?

Founded in 1998, VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control (VMware).

What is IT Operations Management?

IT Operations Management is part of the overall IT service delivery and is considered one of the most important factors that is responsible for the smooth running of an organisations IT infrastructure and applications, as well as the teams involved in maintaining the services

What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation is creating a software-based—or virtual—representation of applications, servers, storage and networks to reduce IT expenses while boosting efficiency and agility (VMware).

What is software licensing?

Software licensing is the legal contract agreement between the software vendor and the end user/consumer. It would usually contain legally binding guidelines for the use and/or distribution of the software.

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