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Synchronized Security is the world’s first – and best – cybersecurity system. Endpoint, network, mobile, Wi-Fi, email, and encryption products, all sharing information in real time and responding automatically to incidents

Sophos Synchronized Security Features

Restrict Wi-Fi for non-compliant mobile devices

Scan endpoints on detection of compromised mailboxes

Revoke encryption keys if a threat is detected

Identify all apps on the network

Sophos Central cloud-based security platform

Isolate infected endpoints, blocking lateral movement

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Sophos?

Sophos is a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, protecting more than 500,000 organisations and millions of consumers in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyberthreats.

Powered by threat intelligence, AI and machine learning from SophosLabs and SophosAI, Sophos delivers a broad portfolio of advanced products and services to secure users, networks and endpoints against ransomware, malware, exploits, phishing and the wide range of other cyberattacks.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security is the practice in which a business protects it’s critical data, network infrastructure and devices from digital attacks.

How can I prevent a cyber attack?

Set out a clear cyber security policy for your organisation. Ensure that all employees are aware of the data security processes, as many cyber-attackers will target employees via fraudulent emails. It’s also important to keep your software up to date and invest in robust security technology/services such as end point protection, SIEM and penetration testing, that will highlight to you where your vulnerabilities are.

Why do I need to protect endpoints?

‘Endpoint’ refers to end users devices which are connected to a company network, therefore these devices need security in place to stop cybercriminals or malware getting into the network and stealing business-critical data.

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