Software Licensing

Covenco365 makes software licensing and renewals easy.

We understand that software licensing can be a bit of a pain. Whether it’s purchasing licences or keeping on track with renewals, our team of dedicated software specialists will ensure that you are up to date and correctly licensed, taking the headache away from you and helping you to achieve the best value of your technology investments.

Benefits to Covenco365's Software License Service

Easily manage your software licenses and renewals

Maximise your returns of technology investments

Higher IT efficiency

Ensure compliancy to license agreements

Enhance visibility of software estate

Leave it to our team of experts who fully understand the complexities of software licensing

Need some help or more information about our Software Licensing?

Covenco give us 24/7 peace of mind that in a disaster recovery situation, we will get a fast and efficient service to get our business operational again as quickly as possible. The annual DR tests have helped us improve our strategy to ensure we are as prepared as possible for the worst

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is software licensing?

Software licensing is the legal contract agreement between the software vendor and the end user/consumer. It would usually contain legally binding guidelines for the use and/or distribution of the software.

What are the other types of Infrastructure Services you offer?

There are many types of infrastructure services, some of the other services that we offer at Covenco365 include: On-premise Infrastructure, Hardware & Software Maintenance, Cloud Services and IT Ops Management.