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We hope you never experience the trauma of a complete loss of your IT infrastructure. It’s a most unpleasant experience that can have a devastating financial and reputational impact on your organisation, and to the people who depend on it.

Whether it is a fire, a flood or a ‘man-made’ disaster you CAN mitigate the risks by having a well-planned disaster recovery strategy, supported by a professional disaster recovery company, who will ensure that your business is equipped with the most appropriate technologies and skills to enable a rapid return to ‘business as usual’.

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Ransomware Recovery Explained

Ransomware is a devastating cyberattack where criminals hold a company to ransom to regain access to their mission critical data.

Watch our ransomware explainer video for insights on how to build an effective data backup and recovery strategy, (including the 3-2-1-1 rule) that can help in the fight against ransomware.

For a real-life scenario, read our case study below, which shows how we worked together with Veeam to proactively prevent a housing association from suffering a major disaster and debilitating downtime following the cyberattack.

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Recovering your business when you need us most


Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Covenco365’s DRaaS solutions are built to mitigate against downtime and remove the complexity of our customers having to recover critical applications themselves. We are not just offering a simple ‘backup to the cloud’ service, but a complete and comprehensive local backup, offsite replication and full disaster recovery service which your business can rely on should the unthinkable happen.

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High Availability

High Availability

In today’s digital and always-on culture, businesses need to continue to operate 24/7/365. When downtime is not an option and your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is measured in MINUTES, you need to take a serious look at a serious solution, ‘High Availability’.

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Traditional disaster recovery solutions tailored to your business requirements

Ship to Site

Employ Covenco365’s Ship-to-Site Recovery solution in the event of a disaster and our team of technical specialists will install replacement IT infrastructure at your designated site.

This service is typically deployed in the case of a technical disaster where your servers may be unable to function but the computing environment itself remains largely unaffected. It is also highly effective for clients with multiple sites, one or more of which could be designated as a recovery location.

Dedicated recovery

The Dedicated Disaster Recovery service is designed for businesses requiring faster recovery time objectives (RTO) and an absolute guarantee that recovery infrastructure will be available, even in the event of multiple simultaneous invocations.

Disaster Recovery equipment is allocated to a client on a 1:1 basis, i.e. their recovery environment mirrors their production environment and all equipment is for their exclusive use. The DR equipment can be permanently installed at a customer’s location, or at a Covenco365 recovery centre and is available for them to test/restore 24/7/365.

Relocatable / Mobile

Covenco365 will deliver a fully equipped mobile computer room with all necessary systems to enable you to deploy your backup media and re-establish operations, with minimum downtime. To ensure maximum efficiency this solution is rehearsed and tested annually.

Fixed Site

Covenco will deliver a fully equipped mobile computer room with all necessary systems to enable you to deploy your backup media and re-establish operations. To ensure maximum efficiency this solution is rehearsed and tested annually.

Covenco give us 24/7 peace of mind that in a disaster recovery situation, we will get a fast and efficient service to get our business operational again as quickly as possible. The annual DR tests have helped us improve our strategy to ensure we are as prepared as possible for the worst

Puma UK Ltd

Absolutely amazed by the speed of the recovery: less than half a day! Previously it was taking a day and a half. Your technical consultant dealt directly with our application support provider to activate our ERP licensing. Could not ask for better service

AGC Chemicals

We have used Covenco for many years now.  Part of the reason why we keep renewing with them is the customer focused relationship which Covenco have.  For Disaster Recovery, testing is key to ensure you have a viable platform.   I have always found the team at Covenco to be very helpful and flexible during our test days.  In addition, the support we get from the team for our backup software installation is excellent, with rapid responses.

Carlisle Brass

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Disaster Recovery?

Disaster Recovery is an organisations documented process that they put in place to regain access to their IT infrastructure and return to a fully operational state in the event of a disaster – this could be a natural disaster, cyber attack or even accidental.

What are the types of Disaster Recovery?

There are many types of Disaster Recovery. Here are some of the options that we can offer at Covenco365: Workplace Recovery, High Availability, DRaaS, BaaS, On-Premise Backup, Immutable Backup, Tape Out, Cloud Backup, Relocatable Recovery, Fixed-site Recovery, Dedicated Recovery and Mobile Recovery

What are the main goals of Disaster Recovery?

The main goal of Disaster Recovery is to reduce the overall risk to a business by: Minimising downtime, limiting disruption and damage, preventing severe loss of data, minimise the overall cost of a disaster, limit brand damage, train staff in what to do in a disaster (before one happens) in order to provide a smooth path to restoration.

How do I create and implement a Disaster Recovery Plan?

Creating a DR plan can be a complex and time consuming process. Working with a professional disaster recovery company will ensure that all the boxes are ticked and the appropriate testing is carried out to ensure the smooth path to restoration, should the worst happen.

What is DRaaS?

DRaaS or Disaster Recovery as a Service is a cloud-based service or solution provided by a third-party. It is designed to protect a business’s critical data against major disasters such as cyber-attack, natural disaster or accidental. It should also minimise downtime, allowing an organisation to return quickly, to a fully operational status again.


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