On-Premise Backup

Reliable Onsite Backup

If cloud backups are not suitable or you would like to keep and manage your backup on-premise, then we can install backup hardware onsite, so that if a disaster was to happen you can effectively and efficiently recover your data.

Any onsite backup will be attached to the company network and therefore will be vulnerable to data theft, or if there is a disaster could be at risk to physical damage, therefore it may be worth looking at an offsite or hybrid solution as well, to ensure that your backup solutions are as robust as possible.

Whatever you decide Covenco365’s DR experts on hand for advice.


On-Premise Backup Benefits

Fast Recovery

With all hardware being onsite it means that recovery can be almost instant

Compliant & secure solutions

We work with the best technology vendors to ensure that all solutions are compliant and secure

Managed in-house and under your control

You have complete control of the backup hardware with it being managed in-house, you do not need to rely on third parties

Fully scalable

Allowing you to add storage only when it is needed

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What technologies are used in On-Premise Backup?

Having daily backups has given us a RPO of max 48 hours however the longest lead time was always with the hardware replacement which could have been in the region of 1-2 weeks. With the DR system now in place for all our hardware, and our off site backups also being held with Covenco our RTO is now 2 days


Frequently Asked Questions

What is On-Premise Backup?

On-Premise Backups are where you would have your backup hardware onsite and manage the backups in-house.

What are other options for Data Backup?

There are many ways on which you can safely back up your data and the backup services that we offer include: Cloud Backup, Immutable Backup and Tape Backup

Is it important to have On-Premise Backup?

Although it’s not necessary, (as long as you are utilising one of the other backup methods), we do recommend keeping a copy of your data backed up on-premise as well. We live by the 3-2-2-1 backup rule at Covenco365, which is there should be 3 copies of data, On 2 different media, With 1 copy being off site and one offline, so as long as you follow by those rules we believe that your data will be protected to the best it can be.

What are the benefits to On-Premise Backup?

Some of the main benefits of managing your own backup onsite are fast recovery and easily accessible, as it will be under your full control and in-house, there’s no being reliant on 3rd parties or need for fast/strong network connection.

What are the different types of On-Premise Backups?

There are a number of different hardware options for onsite backup including, DAS, NAS, SAN, SSD or tape libraries.