Immutable Backup

Immutable backups are the most efficient protection against ransomware

Ransomware is a real and present danger for all kinds of organisations, all over the globe, in fact 37% of organisations were hit with ransomware last year (Sophos)

Having legacy backup and recovery solutions in place isn’t a strong enough strategy anymore as they too are being targeted by ransomware and other malicious attacks.

What is an immutable backup solution and why is it safe?

By definition; something that is immutable will never change or cannot be changed (Collins)

Covenco365 offers an immutable backup solution, powered by Veeam technology, which ensures your data is always recoverable, as it cannot be deleted, changed, or altered in anyway. So even if your legacy backup systems are attacked, you will always be able to recover your immutable, untouched data.

Key Benefits of Covenco365 Immutable Backup Service, Powered by Veeam:

Fast data recovery

Protects against ransomware and malicious attacks


Protects against mechanical or human/accidental error

Meet data compliance procedures

Data can always be recovered in the event of an attack

No unauthorised changes can be made

Takes up less storage or memory than conventional storage solutions

You can always access your data, from anywhere

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Veeam and Covenco proactively prevented a housing association in the UK from suffering a major disaster and debilitating downtime following the cyberattack. In addition, Veeam and Covenco enable air-gapped backups for mastery of the 3-2-1-1-0 Rule, and they offer additional ransomware protection through immutable backups

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Covenco give us 24/7 peace of mind that in a disaster recovery situation, we will get a fast and efficient service to get our business operational again as quickly as possible. The annual DR tests have helped us improve our strategy to ensure we are as prepared as possible for the worst

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Immutable Backup?

Immutable Backups will ensure that your data is always recoverable as it cannot be deleted, changed or altered in anyway. So even if your legacy backup systems are attacks, you will always be able to recover your immutable, untouched data.

Will Immutable Backups protect critical data from Ransomware?

Ransomware is an ongoing threat and the attacks are becoming more evolved and also more targeted towards backups. To have an Immutable Backup solution or services in place will protect your business critical data from Ransomware, as the data will not be able to be altered or deleted in any way and will always be recoverable.

Why would my organisation benefit from an Immutable Backup service?

Managing and protecting all business and costumer data can be monumental and complex task, by outsourcing to a trusted Immutable Backup Service Provider you eliminate the strain on your IT team, while also ensuring data security compliancy. You can also rest assured that your data will be recovered quickly and unchanged in the event of a disaster or malicious attack.

What are other service options for Data Backup?

There are many ways on which you can safely back up your data and the backup services that we offer include: On-Premise Backup, Cloud Backup and Tape Backup.