Cloud Backup (BaaS)

Reliable and Cost-effective Backups

At Covenco365 we understand that data is one of the most important assets to a business and ultimately one of the main concerns in ever evolving digital age. Let us take on the responsibility and pain points of managing your business critical data, so that you can focus on your businesses objectives.

The cloud has changed the data backup industry. Because of its affordability, organisations are able to get an offsite solution that automatically backs up their data. Covenco365’s cloud backup service is simple and the data is available anytime and anywhere.


Advantages of using the Covenco365 Cloud:

Reduced Costs

You don’t have to invest in datacentre infrastructure or maintenance costs.

Free Up Resource

Focus on what your business does best, not the day to day running and maintenance of a datacentre.

Hybrid Option

Already have your own IT Hardware? Then extend and grow your existing on-premise infrastructure with a flexible ‘hybrid’ cloud deployment.


Need ISO accreditation? Utilising Covenco365’s cloud will assist you in complying with the standards required


Flexible data recovery options to suit your business needs

Disaster Recovery Specialists

We have a dedicated team of backup specialists with decades of experience

Need some help or more information about our Cloud Backup service?

Simplify your data backup and recovery with Covenco365’s Cloud

The Covenco365 cloud is backup vendor agnostic and we work with the best-in-class technologies, including Veeam, Carbonite and Quorum and can backup virtual machines, physical machines and also cloud services, such as Microsoft 365.

We deploy a cloud backup solution which fits any customer requirement whether it’s introducing a completely new technology or working with your existing preferred technology stack, our cloud platform is your ideal partner.

Covenco give us 24/7 peace of mind that in a disaster recovery situation, we will get a fast and efficient service to get our business operational again as quickly as possible. The annual DR tests have helped us improve our strategy to ensure we are as prepared as possible for the worst

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cloud Backup?

Cloud Backup or Backup as a Service (BaaS) is where a third party service provider stores and backups your business critical data securely online.

Will my data be secure?

The Covenco365 datacentres are all UK based and fully secure. We operate utilising the ISO 27001 accreditation, which means your data will always be safe.

What are other options for Data Backup?

There are many ways on which you can safely back up your data and the backup services that we offer include: On-Premise Backup, Immutable Backup and Tape Backup

In what ways can implementing Cloud backup benefit my organisation?

Firstly, you can save your business a lot of money because you would no longer have to pay for the hardware/software costs and maintenance yourself. If your data grows then you just pay for what you use, meaning it is easily scalable. By outsourcing to a third-party would mean that your own IT resources would also be freed up so that they can focus on other operational objectives.