Data Backup

Covenco365’s Data Backup services provide our customers with the protection they need to keep their data secure.

Data is critical to all organisations and having a robust backup strategy in place is an essential part of any disaster recovery plan. The process includes the copying and archiving of all essential business data and making it available in case of disaster or deletion.

3-2-1 Backup Rule ...

Over the years, many organisations have followed a 3-2-1 backup rule.

Cyber criminals target backup servers once they force their way into a customer’s network. They know that if they can disable or delete the backups, that they stand a much better chance of being paid a ransom. In order to prevent this from happening and protect the backup servers we adapt the 3-2-1 backup rule.

At Covenco365 we have taken the rule a step further and have always insisted that any backup solution should meet the 3-2-1-1 backup principal (3 of copies of data, across 2 different media types, 1 copy offsite and 1 copy offline).

At Covenco365 we offer a range of data backup services to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible in a disaster was ever to occur.

On-Premise Backup

If cloud backups are not suitable or you would like to keep and manage your backup on-premise, then we can install backup hardware onsite.

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Cloud Backup

The Covenco365 cloud is backup vendor agnostic and we work with the best-in-class technologies, including Veeam, Carbonite and Quorum and can backup virtual machines, physical machines and also cloud services, such as Microsoft 365.

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Immutable Backup

To have an immutable backup solution in place, ensures that your data is always recoverable as it cannot be deleted, changed or altered in anyway. So even if your legacy backup systems are attacks, you will always be able to recover your immutable, untouched data.

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Tape Backup

The Covenco Tape Out Service provides customers with a cost effective solution for long term retention of data. As data continues to grow exponentially, companies are faced with the challenge of how to protect this very important commodity.

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When we engaged with Covenco to examine our disaster recovery options they provided a comprehensive independent analysis of the leading backup technologies with the added value of being able to illustrate how each solution would provide the necessary RTOs and RPOs that we were seeking to achieve. Crucially, what differentiated Covenco from the other solution suppliers was that, instead of putting the primary focus on selling us a particular backup technology, they demonstrated their expertise at recovery. Technologically perfect backups are worthless unless you have rock-solid processes and procedures for recovery

West of England

Having daily backups has given us a RPO of max 48 hours however the longest lead time was always with the hardware replacement which could have been in the region of 1-2 weeks. With the DR system now in place for all our hardware, and our off site backups also being held with Covenco our RTO is now 2 days


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Backup?

Data Backup is a process that includes the copying and archiving of all essential business data and making it available in case of disaster or deletion.

What is the 3-2-1 Backup rule?

Although the rule itself has been adapted over time, the initial rule is simple: There should be 3 copies of data, On 2 different media, With 1 copy being off site. At Covenco365 we insist on adding an additional layer of protection, by including a copy being offline (3-2-1-1).

What are the types of Data Backup that you offer?

There are many ways on which you can safely back up your data and the backup services that we offer include: On-Premise Backup, Cloud Backup, Immutable Backup and Tape Backup

What are the best technologies for Data Backup?

There are a lot of solutions out there for data backup. We believe we work with the best in the market and include the likes of Veeam, Carbonite and Quorum.

What are benefits of using Covenco365’s Data Backup services?

Some of benefits to using our services include: a dedicated team of backup specialists with decades of experience, we only work with the best-in-class technologies so you can rest assured that you will get the best service possible, increase your reliability and protect your brand reputation, should the worst happen.

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