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Join over 5,500 customers who have protected their IT systems with the world-leading artificial intelligence for cyber defence.

Darktrace protects from in-action cyber-attacks in seconds, including ransomware, email phishing, and threats to cloud environments and critical infrastructure.

Founded in 2013 by mathematicians from the University of Cambridge ...

Darktrace has helped thousands of customers across the world to implement artificial intelligence within their cyber strategy, including the likes of Samsung, Coca-Cola and eBay. Their suite of solutions provides an “immune system” approach to cyber defence, allowing you to fight back against cyber threats in real-time and giving you peace of mind by creating a truly self-defending network.

How can Darktrace's Enterprise Immune System help?

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What other services can Darktrace offer your business?

Industrial Immune System

This self-learning technology passively learns what ‘normal’ looks like across OT, IT and industrial IoT to recognise even subtle indicators of emerging attacks which would otherwise go unnoticed, providing 100% visibility across the board.

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