Incident Response

Be prepared for the worst, with Covenco365’s Incident Response (IR) Service

Incident response refers to process put in place to prepare, detect, contain, remediate and recover from a security incident.

To be in the best position to survive a cyber attack, you need to have an Incident Response plan in place. At Covenco365 we will put together a bespoke Incident Response plan which is best suited to your business needs. We will then test the plan and present recommendations, so if the worst was to happen you can be ready to bring the situation back under control.


What’s included in the Covenco365 Incident Response Service?

Incident Response Plan Development

  • Definition of incidents for your organisation
  • Identification of security incident manager within your organisation.
  • Identification of stakeholders who will need to be informed.
  • Agreed method of communication internally and externally during any incident
  • Agree roles and responsibilities in the event of an incident.

Incident Response Plan Testing

A simulated cyber threat exercise to develop a high-level understanding of current IR Plan, its suitability and how it performs on:

  • Severity and impact classification
  • Notification of the appropriate individuals
  • Collection of artefacts
  • Escalation paths
  • Response from both a technical and organisational perspective

Incident Response Plan Preparation

Once the IR Plan has been reviewed and agreed within the business a table-top exercise will be scheduled and conducted onsite with the relevant stakeholder’s present. Depending on the audience the exercise will have an executive or technical focus.

Incident Response Plan Execution

The exercise is often conducted in a conference or meeting room, either on-premise or a Covenco365 DR centre. A participant list is created for all relevant stakeholders and scheduled for a whole day. The exercise will start with an initial brief where participants are encouraged to work through the scenario using the injects when appropriate.

Need some help or more information about our Incident Response Service?

We think of Covenco as an extension of our own IT department. We work closely together regarding IT security aspects, disaster recovery and business continuity side of the business. They are always there to discuss future developments and plans to improve Mizuno’s IT systems and that helps us to concentrate keeping our own business operations running smoothly.

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