Blancco LUN Eraser

Erase data in active storage environments while allowing your operating system to remain intact, guaranteeing your Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs) are properly sanitised.

Once the data erasure process is complete using LUN Eraser, LUNs are immediately available to reuse. This allows organisations to operate with the least amount of system downtime as possible LUN Eraser supports the broadest platforms (Unix, Linux, Windows) and runs from WinPE and target based organisational data policy requirements.

Blancco LUN Eraser Benefits

Resale, Returns, and Immediate Reuse

Provide Seamless Audit Trail for Your Customers

Supports Unix, Linux & Windows

Minimal downtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Blancco?

Blancco Technology Group provides organisations with secure, compliant, and automated solutions that accelerate the transition to the circular economy. Each year, tens of millions of Blancco erasures allow top-tier organisations to protect end-of-life data against unauthorised access, safely redeploy data storage assets, and firmly comply with increased data protection and privacy requirements (Blancco).

What is data erasure?

Data erasure is one of the three acceptable methods for achieving data sanitisation—is a software-based process of securely overwriting digitally stored information with random binary data according to a specified standard, then verifying and certifying that the erasure has been successful (Blancco).

Why is it important to erase your data?

Not having your data wiped or erased properly can expose your organisation to great risks in terms of cyber security, data protection and compliance.

What is data protection?

Data protection is the process in which you safeguard information or data from being lost, stolen or compromised in any way. As well as keeping the data secure it also ensures that the data is still usable for business purposes.

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